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Amazon’s Prime Members Start To Get Benefits From Other Digital Stores

Amazon is truly committed to pushing Prime membership to stratospheric heights, and a new expansion that sees it bringing benefits to Prime customers from ecommerce websites beyond its own walls should prove its commitment to the program. Prime members can now get free, next-day shipping on purchases made at British retailer AllSaints’ online store (viaRe/code). The arrangement also sees AllSaints bring its products to search results, though clicking through to purchase will still take customers to the AllSaints dedicated website.

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LG G Watch R review

Watches are functionally boring. Their primary task of displaying the time has been figured out for centuries, which is why modern wristwatches are celebrated for theircomplications, the extra things they can do beyond mere timekeeping. No complication has been more fundamental or profound than the present rise of the smartwatch, as embodied primarily by Google’s Android Wear. So long as there’s a smartphone nearby, an Android Wear watch will receive notifications, control music, take notes, count its wearer’s steps, and generally be much more useful than the typical wrist-worn timepiece.

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Push Band offers wearable insight for your strength training regimen – engadget


There are plenty of activity trackers on the market that measure things like steps, distance and more. But what about offering useful feedback for those gym sessions? That’s what Push aims to do with its wearable. The gadget measures power and velocity in order to gauge just how well you’re doing with bench press, squats and more during each rep. Those metrics are used to determine where intensity or weight could be increased, beaming the collected data to a companion app. From there, you can monitor progress, set goals and get recommendations for improving — on top of sending your numbers to a coach or personal trainer. Push is also continually adding new exercises for the tracker to keep the stats collection as complete as possible. And athletes have already taken notice. Strength and conditioning coaches for the Dallas Stars, St. Louis Cardinals, East Tennessee State University and others have used the wearable to gauge weight room performance. After a successful crowdfunding campaign and nabbing 2,000 pre-orders, the Push band ison sale now for $189.